Property and Casualty Insurance

Protect your growing business from loss of property, income continuation, and liability.

Property and casualty insurance is part of our DNA. Right from the start, protecting businesses from loss of property, income continuation, and liability lawsuits has been one of our top priorities. Today we continue to lead the way in developing high-precision business solutions, customized for your business needs – whether it’s multi-peril, generalized or specialized liability, business interruption, or property and auto insurance.

Our team of highly trained professionals maintains relationships with virtually all of the major national, specialty, and regional carriers and wholesalers. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to meet your specialized property and casualty insurance and risk management needs.

We know these needs will differ from company to company, so we ensure you get just the right coverage – not too much, not too little. In addition, we can complement your coverage with risk management services and claims management offerings to avoid costly claims and make sure your claim is settled quickly and fairly.

Our mission is to help you obtain superior, cost-effective property and casualty coverage while taking advantage of our providers’ financial strength, underwriting skills, and administrative capability. By doing so, we help make certain you will remain competitive in case of accident or disaster.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We help you control the costs of managing risk with Workers’ Compensation insurance that works for you.

GFI goes far beyond simply matching you with the right workers’ compensation policy to help you satisfy your regulatory requirements. Our business model is to solve problems for our clients, plain and simple. As a specialist in workers’ compensation, we know exactly what it takes to pursue the best coverage for your company, help you lower your premiums and your EMR range, and provide you with fast turn-around.

Whatever it is, GFI goes that extra mile to serve as your advocate in obtaining and analyzing insurance quotations from A+ carriers who are the best in the business, even if you have had a difficult time obtaining workers’ compensation in the past. We’ll provide recommendations on coverage options and act as your valued partner every step of the way. Our goal is to help you control costs effectively and meet the ever-present challenge of meeting your statutory obligations.


Directors & Officers Insurance

Mitigate executive risks and safeguard your company’s assets and interests with D&O insurance.

In today’s increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment, your organization and its leadership face more and more risks, both obvious and hidden.

GFI offers the knowledge and expertise to safeguard your organization and its leadership from these risks…whether yours is a publicly traded or privately held company. We can provide a full array of executive risk coverage solutions, including, but not limited to, directors and officers liability (D&O), professional liability, errors and omissions, kidnap/ransom and extortion, political risk, fiduciary liability, cyber liability and more.

Through an evaluation of your unique risk profile, we can help you identify and evaluate your risk factors so you can proactively take measures to manage events before they occur.


Loss Control and Enterprise Risk Management

Minimize your loss potential through industry-specific risk management control programs.

Running your business in today’s demanding environment is challenging. An unexpected loss could threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to secure and temporarily – or permanently – hobble your ability to be competitive.

The real key to loss control is minimizing or eliminating the risks that can result in a loss. GFI is committed to protecting your business and its operations through superior loss prevention services and risk control solutions. As a result, we have partnered with resources to help you identify your potential risk exposures and achieve measurable risk improvement through specialized strategies. Ask us how we can help.


Technology Insurance

With increased reliance on technology comes greater risk. We offer Cyber Liability, Data Breach, Technology E&O and other tech-based coverage to keep your business safe in today’s cyber-world.

Technology has permeated every aspect of our world, including most businesses. Consumers and employees alike rely on technological services to communicate, make purchases and store company assets. While these developments provide plenty of benefits, they also bring forth a large amount of risk.

Today, businesses are held responsible for the protection of privacy and personal data. This includes customer financial information/data and company assets held on a data storage network: trade secrets, tax documents, employee data, records and other valuable documents.

GFI understands the growing necessity of  Technology Insurance. Our coverage encompasses Cyber Liability, Data Breach, Technology E&O, and Identity Theft to make sure your business is properly shielded against the threat of technological risks.




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